With My Drops, I can socialize happily

With My Drops, I can socialize happily

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Changing The World One One Cycle At A Time

Menstruation is something that every girl, every women experiences every month for more than half of her life. Then why is it that in our society, getting a period holds you back?

As a Nonprofit Organization our goal is to make periods something that sets you free instead of holding you back. With our reusable, ecofriendly period products, we want to make period care easy, painless, and accessible for women around the world.


Our reusable menstrual cup provides up to 12 hours of reliable leak protection.

Our Divine Drops Products offer a simpler, cleaner and eco friendly way to manage your period. No more running back and forth to the store, making sure you are constantly stocked up on chemical ridden, landfill bound absorbent monsters. With our one stop solution to sustainability and purpose you can share this purchase with a friend knowing you are experiencing your flow in the most conscious way possible, while making a difference in the lives of other menstruators in need. The ripple effect of your actions are global, congratulations! 

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