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the divine drop menstrual cup 

Not only does our  reusable menstrual cup provides up to 12 hours of reliable leak protection.

It also allows us to provide help for up to 6 other menstruators to receive these same long lasting products, for FREE

Period Magic

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La Copa Menstrual Divine Drop

Made with yOU in mind 

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Across the USA 

How does this even work?


Find the perfect fit.

You talked, we listened! Choosing your size can be one of the hardest parts of a new menstrual cup journey. So use this Size Quiz to see which one works for you! 

Watch Our Interview & Learn our WHY!

Divine Drops Size guide 

Droplet (smallest on the market)

Drop (Med)

Drip (Lrg)

no silly questions 

Questions straight from the mouth of our incredible community 

What if the cup feels stuck or lost?

First of all, it’s pretty much a dead-end street up there, so your cup can’t get lost. No object can go past your cervix. If you are having trouble removing your cup, chances are your pelvic floor muscles have clenched around it. Your pelvic floor muscles can engage and hold on tight to your cup if you are feeling tense or nervous. The key to removing your cup in this scenario is to breathe deeply and slowly for several minutes to relax the muscles. Then, try again to remove it. Be patient with yourself.

Can I go swimming with a menstrual cup?

Absolutely! It is much safer than a tampon because you don't need to change it immediately after swimming. (did you know you should change your tampon after swimming, becaue it absorbs the water you swim in) Plus, it saves you from the worry of the tampon string showing.  Cup FTW!

Is the cup to big to fit in my vagina? 

Actually, it isn’t, but this is less to do with the size of your vagina and more about your cervix size [even though the vaginal canal is incredible and can go from about 2 inch wide to 4-8 inches wide when aroused, so its always on the move] ! The punch down folds creates the smallest insertion point [ as small as the entry point of a regular tampon].

Remember your vagina is a muscle, that you are subconsciously controlling, so stay relaxed and trust the process. 

What if the cup leaks? 

Leaking is most likely caused by one of two things. Either the cup is too big and cannot open fully or the fold you used to insert the cup is not opening. We recommend the shallow punchdown fold, and to make sure that the seal is created once you have inserted. You can check this with a gentle tug, twist or sweep around the base of the cup to make sure its open. Also, we have mentioned this but time tells all. Just wear a back up pad or your period panties if you are new to the game. Within two cycles 95% of users have MAJOR success, and if you don't. Message us for your money back - win/win! 

Our story


Join us as we fight for equal rights 

and body literacy. 

Menstruation is something that every girl, every women experiences every month for more than half of her life. So why is it that in our society, getting a period holds you back?

As a Nonprofit Organization, started by a group of nurses our goal is to make periods something that sets you free instead of holding you back. With our reusable, ecofriendly period products, we want to make period care easy, painless, and accessible for ALL women around the world.

With ONLY a $10 donation you can be the change that one young girl without products needs. 

Each girl will receive FREE reusable products and education over her body and cycle. 

Thank you for your life changing support! 

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Apoya a una chica

Knowledge is power, when it comes to caring for your body! 

Stay up to date with our FREE resources on our BLOG and through the education tab on our website. 

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