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GOT Questions?

We get it - trying something new for your body is scary. If you have more questions about using your Divine Drops Products, please feel free to contact us. We could chat all day about the benefits! 

You can also download our Whole Care PamphletWe invite you to join our Ripple Effect Facebook tribe, where you can experience live support from other cycle queens! Need more? Chat with our medical professionals by clicking the button below!

Who can wear a Drop?

Luckily, we have three unique size options - so we have something for everyone! We believe that women of all menstruating ages can move forward with confidence once they find the right fit for their body.

Will I feel the Drop when it's in?

When you have a drop that fits you well, you should barely be able to detect it - much less than a tampon! Most women report that they don't feel a thing. If you do feel anything, it could be the stem (which can be trimmed once removed for comfort). If you feel the cup, it could be that it's not fully opened or is inserted at the wrong angle. Just remove it and try again! Divine Drops has no room for uncomfortable period products. If the size doesn't seem right, please reach out to us first before ordering a new one. Remember: you should NEVER have pain when the cup is being inserted or while it's inside. 

How does the drop stay in?

Luckily, our body is so unique that it doesn’t allow anything past the opening of our cervix! If you don't feel like you can locate your drop, relax and use your muscles to work the cup down lower or try at a different angle. Do this until you can locate the stem and pull down to remove. 

Will anyone notice I'm wearing my Drop?

Showing strings are a thing of the past! The only way your drop friend can be detected is if you shout it out for all to hear. And, we kinda hope you do. Women report the most impactful changes they have made come from the suggestions of trusted friends. 

Can I use my Drop with a tilted uterus?

Yes! Many Drop owners are proud members of the *Tilted Uterus Club* and they report no issues. As long as the drop is sitting below the cervical opening and is correctly sealed in place, you are good to go!

Can my Drop help with my cramps?

While we have no research (YET) to prove that our Drops help with our cramps, we think that our vaginas are much happier with clean and washable products. The fact that you aren't introducing a lot of angry chemicals and strange substances that your body can't decode is going to help a lot right off the bat. 

Can I use my Drop for vaginal discharge?

Yes! Because there is no disrupting in PH or absorption of fluids, it's totally safe to wear before starting your period. 

Is sustainable period care messy?

No! Empty your drop over the toilet to decrease the mess. You should have a minimal amount of blood on your hands after removing and inserting a drop.

How do I know if I inserted the Drop properly?

Once you have inserted your Drop, you should be able to run your fingers along the edge of the cup and feel no major puckering. The drop will form to your unique shape, so it doesn't need to be a perfect circle - just as long as you don't feel major folds. If you notice the stem is coming out, no biggie! You can remove it and trim the stem if you want. If you notice the base of the cup is coming out, try to reinsert it at a different angle (more angled towards your back). 

Do I need to wear backup?

No! Most users report using nothing else with their Drop, which is what is so freeing about using this product. We do recommend until you get the hang of insertion and your unique timing, you could use a panty liner or our awesome period panties for an extra layer of waste free protection. Some women love to combine both the Drop and the panties on their heaviest days, but it's something you will see as time goes on. The two make a dynamic duo!

Can I sleep through the night with my Drop?

Yes, you can! With our 12 Hour protection, rest in peace in your white sheets tonight. The Drop can stay in longer than tampons, so it’s perfect for a long night under the stars. A fear for most women is they will wake up to a messy bed - but with our two options of menstrual drops and period panties, we have you covered while you drift off into your dreams. 

Can you swim with a drop?

Yes!! What's worse than your period starting during that beach week you've been waiting for all year? Not much, other than the actual appearance of a string that you notice sneaking outside your bathing suit or the fear of a stream of blood mixed with water running down your leg. Since everything stays inside and is sealed with protection with your Drop, you no longer have to worry about these issues and it's not necessary to empty after swimming. 

Most women don't know this, but you should change your tampon shortly after swimming due to the fact that all the water you swim in can absorb into your tampon and hang out inside your body until it’s changed. Yuck.

Can I use my Drop in a public bathroom?

Sure! Everything is easier at home, but we are active women with missions. You can bring some bottled water into the stall with you or a disinfecting wipe. If you don't have something sanitary with you to clean your Drop, you can simply reinsert it with clean hands after emptying it - it came from a clean environment (your body) afterall!

Can I use the bathroom regularly with my Drop inside?

YES! This is our favorite question... because guess what? NO MORE WET STRINGS! No more uncomfortably pulling out that half-dry tampon because the string is soaked with urine. Leave your cup in to do its job and keep on handling your day like a BOSS. 

Can I play sports with my Drop?

Of course! If you are an active person, it's another great reason to switch to a Drop. Since they are worry-free for up to 12 hours, you can have a full day of running, volunteering, yoga, beach with friends and peace of mind with comfortable leak proof protection. Once the Drop is positioned properly inside, you can't feel anything due to the soft and flexible silicon material. Get out there, Girl!