Your Period. Your Power.


Why deal with period drama when you Can JUST 


Looking for a more fab and purposeful flow? Look no further. 100% of our profits from every product sold goes toward the period community. We want to be everywhere that women bleed. We give periods power by slashing negative beliefs, offering the easiest solutions and gathering strong female communities to break down outdated standards!

when switching to reusable period products, you'll be dropping... 

Period SHAME

We don't know what started period shame - and we know it may never completely end. One thing we know for sure is that there is power in our period. There is purpose behind every drop, and there is room for every single woman at the top. Shame is something we individually choose to hold. When you're ready, let go of the shame!


Being replaced every few hours every single month, tampons and pads make up a large amount of preventable environmental waste. Tampons are the 5th most frequent item to land on beaches around the world! Skip the waste guilt with reusable period products instead, like our menstrual cup and period panties.

harmful toxins

Tampons and pads have been found them to contain a number of body-harming chemicals and toxins, like: Chlorine (bleach), Chloroform & Dioxins (toxic), Acetone (irritating), Glyphosate & Styrene (cancer-causing), Plastic (containing BPAs & made from crude oil), Cotton (non-organic = toxic).


One of the easiest things we can do to collectively elevate our cycle is to be more kind and intentional with our words. As you make the shift to more empowering words surrounding your period, make sure your words are aligning with it so we can change the cycle for everyone - ONE word at a time. Encourage the women in your life to do the same!

Clogged toilets

There's a misconception that tampons, pad and applicators can be flushed. Millions of women pay pricey plumbing bills to manage the problems these drain monsters can cause. Switching to reusable period products saves the day!


TSS is sometimes deadly, and the risk remains greater for women who use tampons. Menstrual drops safely collect blood, rather than absorb it like a tampon or pad does.

The *wet string*

Some things are a love-hate relationship... but our relationship with the dreaded wet string every time we use the restroom is just more, well, hate-hate. Why deal with the hideous wet string when you can just get rid of it all together?

The CONSTANT "Butt Check"

We all do it: the mirror check, friend check, bathroom check, bikini/string check. Just be free already knowing we’ve got you covered. 


Relax at home or on-the-go knowing you have everything you need, designed with small, lightweight, travel-friendly solutions!


Take one less thing off the mental checklist today with Divine Drops! Throw your small drop in your bag and slide on your period panties. Done.

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