changing the world, one period at a time.


FREE Moon Mandala Cycle Tracker Download

Have you ever heard of the power of tracking your cycle?

There is something so beautiful about fully understanding what is happening inside your body and how it can effect your outside world. Something so powerful to be in control, rather than constantly reacting and being controlled. Its time to reclaim your power!

A lot of menstruators go through life reporting feeling disconnected with their body because of their cycle and hormones. One way you can change the narrative on your story is to take charge by understanding where you are at in your cycle and what that means for YOU! Does that mean less energy, more anxiety, increased hunger and so on. This is also a great awareness practice to help you to see if you can support any areas for improvement. 

Your cycle is one of your superpowers, the better you can understand, the better you can shape shift into everything you are meant to be.


While you are at it you can grab this FREE Period Report Card - Take a look, can you get an A+? 


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