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Drop Stopper - Lace Bikini

Our Drop Stopper Lace Bikini is a laced bikini cut with a unique design will have you feeling protected and sexy all day.


Enter The World of Magical Period Panties!

 It seems almost like magic that you can wear an ordinary looking panty on your period and never have to worry about any leakage, chemicals, or discomfort.

That’s what makes period panties a hundred times better than tampons and pads.

 The Divine Drop period panties are made with super soft, thin, breathable materials with a dedicated leak guard to provide extra protection from leakage.

 Perfect for use day or night, our period panties will keep you comfortable all through your period.

 When you are done, you can just wash them with cool water, hand to dry and you are good to go. Again and again. 

 Talk about sustainability!

 Order yours now and experience the comfort yourself.

Product Details:

  • Absorbency: 4 regular tampons (36 mL)
  • Material: 84% Nylon, 16% Spandex


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