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Understanding the Fertility Awareness Method

Understanding the Fertility Awareness Method

What is the fertility awareness method? 

Fertility Awareness Method (FAM), also known as “Natural Family Planning” or “The Rhythm Method,” is a method where women track their menstrual cycles so that they know when they are ovulating. This enables women to understand their fertility and know which days of the month are their fertile days. People using this a method of birth control would then be able to discern which days they can be pregnant within the month. It requires diligence, but is a birth control method that does not interrupt a woman’s natural cycle.

How effective is that and other birth control options? 

FAM is only as effective as how reliably one tracks and measures their cycle. However, women who do not have regular cycle lengths can find more difficulty in using this method of birth control. Other factors that aid in whether FAM is effective or not is how long couples abstain from sex around ovulation date and which methods individuals use to track cycle (calendar rhythm, temperature, or cervical mucus). 

On paper, FAM statistically is less effective than other birth control methods, but it is the only one that does not artificially affect a woman’s natural cycle. 

What is the difference between typical use and perfect use for birth control? 

Typical use is exactly what it sounds like, the typical use of most people on all birth control methods. Perfect use is the opposite, using whatever method perfectly every time, that could mean taking your contraceptive pill or understanding your ovulation symptoms and using protection. 

What are the benefits of tracking your cycle and knowing that you ovulate?

Tracking your cycle is such an empowering way to understand your body, your hormones, and your fertility. If you are trying to get pregnant or sexually active and trying to avoid pregnancy, ovulation is imperative for you to understand. All women should benefit from understanding their cycle so that they can nourish their bodies properly and understand if something happening is out of the ordinary.

Follow along as we talk more about understanding our cycle and the fertility awareness method to track your cycle and prevent OR promote pregnancy - because this is your body and you get to choose with knowledge. That’s power, period. 

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